c87acres Ring Co.Waterford

C 86.5 Acres, & 100,827 Gallons of Milk Quota at Ballycurreen, Ring, Co. Waterford.


  •  This magnificent property is situated only 5 miles from Dungarvan, 10miles from Youghal close to the Gaelteacht fishing village of Ring.
  • 600 metres from the sea it has spectacular sea views from Wexford’s Hook Head to the Cork coastline.
  • The area is rich in coastal attractions from Youghal to Ardmore to Dungarvan. It is renowned for nationally important coastal habitats and for its excellent agricultural arable land and grassland.

Lands, Buildings, Quota & SPS

  • There are circa 86.5 of fertile grassland. The land is all in one block and almost completely surrounded by road frontage.
  • There is a milk quota of 100,827 gallons attached to the lands. The butterfat base is 3.75%. Glanbia Plc are the milk purchasers.
  • The lands are superbly serviced by a central farm-roadway and paddock fencing.
  • The lands have a proven record of long grazing seasons enabling the farm to be very suitable for grass based milk production.
  • The lands have an activated Single Payment Scheme (SPS) of €4,124 per annum (€121.98/ha on 33.81ha) excluding the Dairy Cow Premium(DCP). This is projected to rise over €20,000/annumin 2007 when the full DCP is activated
  • There are 1,165.63gallons of Milk Quota per acre. 35.8acres of the land and 41,730 gall of milk quota are in the disadvantaged area, the remainder 50.7acres and 59,097 hgall of milk quota are not ring fenced.
  • The property is available in lots as follows;

Lots (subject to measurement)

  • Lot 1: C 12.4 acres & 14,454 gallons of milk quota. (DA)
  • Lot 2: C 23.4 acres & 27,276 gallons of milk quota (DA)
  • Lot 3: C 24.5 acres & 28,558 gallons of milk quota
  • Lot 4: C 26.2 acres & 30,539 gallons of milk quota & Parlour
  • Lot 5: Entire Property

 Map of Holding